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Still thinking about how to optimize this blog by capturing screenshots of things like tweets, Instagram posts, or YouTube thumbnails. While it is certainly possible to do all of this manually with existing OS screenshotting tools, it would certainly be more efficient to remove the friction from the process by simply working with links.

An idea that I had this morning was to use a headless browser and some automation to capture tweets, YouTube videos etc. Ideally this is something that can be extensibile by other motivated contributors.

There is some prior art in this area, as this post discusses. There is also a Twitter screenshots Chrome extension by the same guy that created screenshot guru. GH Repo #

David Perell continues to deliver value to me. In this tweet, he advocates for studying debate as a way to better frame ideas. I've long thought about this as "not being mired in the details of an idea", but I can see how this is also about jumping to conclusions. For example focusing on a detail implies you know that the detail is somehow a foregone conclusion already, instead of exploring and convincing others about the problem. Framing the problem is something that I want to get better at, as, as David so concisely describes, "... the highest leverage thing to do".