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The Ultimate Home Videoconferencing Setup🔗

Nearly 2 years ago, COVID forced many of us learn a new skill: working online. During this time I've been in 1000s of online meetings. This post chronicles my journey to where I am today and what I've learned along the way in my journey to this:

At first, I started like many other folks by using the built-in camera on my laptop (a Surface Laptop 3). While that was serviceable, it wasn't particularly pleasant to use. The ergonomics are terrible unless you use a laptop stand and an external keyboard and mouse to elevate the display so that you're looking at it vs. down at it. I highly recommend the Roost stand if you're going to go this approach:

While that solves the problem of bad ergonomics, it doesn't solve the problem of poor quality video that is endemic to the webcams that are found in all laptops. Lots of people tried to upgrade to an external webcam at the start of working online. The most recommended webcam was a Logitech C920x which was nearly impossible to order and commanded a steep premiums from scalpers who quickly snapped up all available supply.


I've given this presentation quite a few times to folks around Microsoft and hey've found it helpful.